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Roller Centralizer
SITAN 4-finger roller centralizer is designed to center production logging tools accurately in vertical or deviated wells.
SITAN 4-finger roller centralizer, which is made of horniness alloy, is wearable and low friction. The arms are linked to ensure accurate centering, providing a constant radial force through the full operating diameter. The spring force can be preset. Recent tools have widened arms to minimize the risk of the tool sticking in casing splits and to help when re-entering the tubing.
SITAN 4-finger roller centralizer can be compatible with SONDEX.
Pressure (max.)100Mpa
Outside diameter (closed) 43mm
Overall length 890mm
Make-up length 815mm
Weight 7Kg
Through resistance <0.5Ω
Conductor resistance to housing >50MΩ
Temperature range -30℃~175℃
Upper mechanical interface1-3 / 16 "-12 female thread
Lower mechanical interface1-3 / 16 "-12 male thread
End connectors (top/bottom)4mm single conductor (male/female)
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