low price Tea Bag

Details of Products:
Name:kraft aluminium foil tea bag
Specifications: 110*185*30mm
Material Structure: Kraft paper/VMPET/PE --0.15mm
MOQ: 50000pcsCarton size:46*35*24cm/4500pc
Sealing & Handle: Heat sealPallet size:W1.1m*L1.1m*H1.1m
Application: white teaN.W.22kgs/ctn
Unit price(FOB): USD 0.027G.W.23kgs/ctn
Cylinder cost: USD64/colorQuantity/ 20'FCL:Around 1,850,000/pcs

White kraft paper stand up bag for aluminum plating

Material analysis of tea packaging bag:
Tea packaging is the key to guarantee the quality of tea in the purchase, sale, storage and circulation fields.The design of a delicate and chic tea packaging can not only give people the enjoyment of beauty, but also in today's ever-changing sales mode, can directly stimulate consumers' desire to buy, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting sales, playing the role of silent salesmen.
Good tea packaging has collection value and can be used again as reusable packaging, which not only saves resources but also promotes tea culture.
To make a good tea packaging design, the design team must have a deep understanding of the tea culture itself, which is the most essential thing in packaging design.Good tea packaging should be able to maintain the quality of tea leaves so that it does not deteriorate.Only by fully understanding the characteristics of tea and the factors causing tea deterioration, can proper materials be selected and used according to these characteristics.At the same time, different types of tea, their cultural connotations and local characteristics of different regions can be expressed visually only through in-depth understanding.
The practical value of tea packaging lies in preventing humidity, preventing high temperature, preventing peculiar smell, preventing direct sunlight and avoiding long dew space.At the same time, packaged tea should be easy for people to buy, carry and store.However, with the development of commodity economy, packaging design should not only have practical functions, but also reflect humanistic characteristics, meeting the requirements of The Times.The so-called "first-class product, cannot leave first-class packing" is this truth.
Packaging material design:
The characteristics of tea leaves are determined by the physical and chemical composition and quality of tea leaves, such as hygroscopicity, oxidation, adsorption, fragility, and changeability.So, when we design the tea packaging, according to these features, consider using the proper material for packaging, should choose to have good moisture, oxygen resistance and avoid light breath, and day and have a certain tensile strength of composite material, according to the investigation and research, currently on the market use a good resume is pet/aluminum foil/PE, followed by stretching polypropylene/aluminum foil/PE composite material, these known as summer of aluminum foil membrane, is the daily tea packaging moistureproof, oxygen resistance, the performance is one of the best.
Definition of composite bag:
Composite packaging is a combination of two or more materials through one or more dry composite processes, thus forming a composite packaging with certain functions.It can be divided into basic layer, functional layer and thermal seal layer.The basic level mainly plays the role of aesthetics, printing and moisture resistance.Such as BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, MT, KOP, KPET, etc.Functional layer is mainly used for blocking and avoiding light, such as VMPET, AL, EVOH, PVDC, etc.The thermal seal layer is directly in contact with the packaging items, with adaptability, permeability, good thermal seal, as well as transparent and open functions, such as LDPE, LLDPE, MLLDPE, CPP, VMCPP, EVA, EAA, e-maa, EMA, EBA, etc.
low price Tea Bag