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Weighlin automatic auger filler series is special for mini tiny small granules or easy flowing powder, full 304SUS building with high level finish workmanship, various model for different material density, customized design and build for flexible projects in food, chemistry, agriculture, etc industry. Semi-auto work alone or integrated with other upstream or downstream products.
It is suitable for auto measuring dosing weighing different light tiny fine easy air-dust powder material such as wheat flour, milk powder, chocolate powder,
Tea powder, protein powder, carbon powder, fire extinguisher powder, etc.
1. Compact design and build
2. Equipped transparent loading hopper for easy view material level.
3. Semi-auto or full auto weigh fill solution
4. Servo motor driving for reliable performance
5. Independent control touch screen is available;
6. Many languages available for global markets.
7. Full 304SUS top level surface finish
8. Loading hopper and filling nozzle can be customized

Dust extraction device
Pneumatic leaking proof device
Net leaking proof device
Electric scale for weight feedback to auger
Foot-pedal control or photo-eye sensor control
Screw feeding conveyor
Bag clamping device
Supporting base

Technical Specification:
Dosing MethodAuger rotating
Loading Hopper Capacity30L
Filling Range50-5000g
Filling Accuracy±1%-0.5%
Filling Speed30-120 Portion per min
Auger DiameterΦ20-Φ89mm
Drive ControlServo motor
Power Supply220V/1000W/ 50/60Hz/10A
Gross Weight60kg
Packing SizeL900*W500*H800mm

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